Paquin Releases Breakthrough Technology for Wholesale Buyers

Today, Paquin Healthcare Companies is proud to announce the opening of – a merchandising portal for hospital based retailers.  This portal will give wholesale buyers access to hundreds of products and dozens of vendors; all from a single source,

“For the past five years Paquin has been working closely and diligently with hospital based gift shops and pharmacies to increase revenue. By doing this we have been able to analysis what is missing in these institutions. With the deployment of this state of the art portal, all the buying needs for these institutions will become more convenient than ever before.” –Tony Paquin

When ordering through you will quickly gain loyalty points to be used in our program as you see fit.  Based on the amount of points redeemed, you will have the option to receive consulting services from Paquin’s retail team. Our team will provide you with our proprietary insight and best practices on how to operate the fastest-growing institution while maximizing profitability – all potentially at zero cost.

The products within our portal are the lowest priced among all other wholesale providers in the country. Our products are also target specific for the various demographics covered. For the last few years we have had products nominated by past clients (gift-shop managers) to ensure they are the most currently desired products. We know their recommendations hold value based upon these gift-shop retailers becoming highly profitable within the industry – each becoming a proven success story.

“The merchandise available through our new portal is growing at a rapid rate. Each month we add roughly 8-10 vendors to our inventory, creating 100’s of more products to become available to any wholesale buyer. By announcing these new venders bi-weekly we keep the public up-to-date with the latest products becoming available. This portal has created a never before seen solution where someone can buy from hundreds of vendors and be billed only a single invoice. Inherently this is going to save wholesale buyers time and increase overall revenue.” –Tony Paquin